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Hot Tub Water Care

Produced by Cotswold Hot Tubs, this guide will help you keep your hot tub, components and water in good condition. We recommend using our own brand of chemicals as each brand is different and doses can vary a great deal. A few simple maintenance measures will help to make your Hot Tub easy to use and maintain.

Make a note of the volume of your Hot Tub. This will help when measuring out the chemicals. Test the water only when the air ventuir and blower are OFF, otherwise you will record incorrect pH readings! The jet pump can be used to help mix the chemicals (once added to the spa).

Important: ALWAYS wear protective eyewear and clothing, following all safety and useage instructions on the chemical's packaging or container.

Filling the Spa

• Take a 1lt sample of your tap water, in a clean plastic bottle, to our showroom. We will test it and advise on any chemical adjustments. Soft water may require the Calcium Hardness to be adjusted to protect components. Hard water will need treatment with Stain and Scale controller to prevent scale forming on the waterline and on the heater. Other levels may need periodic adjustments in some geographical areas.
Add initial doses of:
• Optional but recommended: Optimiser. This makes the water feel softer and easier to maintain
• Essential: Antifoam
• Essential in hard water areas: Stain and Scale controller.

Daily and when using the spa

• Essential: Check and adjust the chlorine or bromine levels, and the pH. The sanitiser keeps the water safe, while the
correct pH protects your skin and components in your tub.
Test while the bubbles are OFF.
• The correct pH is also essential to make the sanitiser work properly, and will be kinder to your skin. Chlorine or Bromine should be maintained at 3 to 5 mg/l, while the pH should be 7.4 to 7.6. Note that the the bubbles will, increase the pH reading.


• Essential: Check and adjust the Total Alkalinity to 125 – 150 mg/l. The action of the bubbles tends to reduce the TA. Then check the pH a second time.
Do not add all of these at the same time!
• Essential: Add one dose of Shock. This helps to destroy wastes which slow aid the disinfection process.
• Optional: Add measure of Stain and Scale controller (if the water is hard)
• Optional but recommended: Add a measure of Optimiser to maintain the soft feel of the water and keep it manageable.
• Optional: Add a measure of Clarifier and Antifoam to keep the water sparkling and free from foam. This dose may be reduced with experience.



• Essential: Remove the filter element and clean it with a hose. Effective filtration is essential to remove particles from the water, keeping it clean and safe

• Optional but highly recommended: Drain out and replace about 6-12" of water. This helps remove unfilterable wastes, which can interfere with the effectiveness of the sanitiser and make the water dull and lifeless

Three Monthly

• Essential: Drain the spa completely; soak the filter cartridges with a suiatble cleaner overnight, then hose-off. Clean the spa shell with a Surface Cleaner. Wear rubber gloves when handling this product.

• Essential: Check water balance again after refilling the spa, and add initial doses as before.

All of the above may sound a bit daunting at first, but over time it will become routine and much quicker to perform.

• If you are really having trouble getting things right, drain the spa completely and clean it, together with the filter

• Showering before you bathe will help to reduce the chemical requirements, and make the water easier to manage.

• Rinsing costumes again in a bath of fresh water after machine washing will help to remove residual deteregents and reduce foaming problems.

• Always follow the safety guidance on the labels, and rinse out any measuring device before and after use

• Keep the chemicals, and the spa, secure from young children



Only use this guide if you are an aware of how to safely do so, ensuring safety precautions are taken and suitable eye protection and clothing are worn at all times. Cotswold Hot Tubs accepts no liability whatsoever for circumstances arising from its use.

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